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About NOC Web

The NOC Web

The NOC Web is the portal to everything networked in SoC. Although it started as fundamentally a web-based network operations centre, the NOC Web is now a comprehensive management and monitoring centre for network and security operations, and much more. The NOC Web is not just for operations staff. Some the the applications and information are for end-users.

Goals of the NOC Web

The Network Team aims to use the NOC Web as a platform to web-ify its many applications and processes, in addition to making information readily available. Their goal is to create an on-line one-stop self-service web portal to provide end-users and operations staff with direct access to the information, applications, work-flow systems and operations control they need to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Through the NOC Web, the Network Team hopes to provide greater transparency to various backend network operations, empowering both operations staff and end-users with greater knowledge and understanding of what goes on in the network.

What's on the NOC Web

  1. NOC Registrar: This is the host registration database of all systems connected to SoC network (except the SoC PnP sub-network). It stores important information, contact details, DNS records, etc. It also consolidates activity reports. Parts of the Registrar database is accessible to end-users.

  2. Inventory Management System: This is an equipment inventory and loans system. It is used primarily to track movement and loans of network equipment, but is also used by other departments to track assets under their charge.

  3. Fault Management System: Various network and system alarms are tracked and managed by this system. This also includes fault notification via SMS, alphanumeric paging and email.

  4. Net Monitoring: Many network and system parameters are monitored and stored in a round-robin database. The graphs are all available online.

  5. Security Operations: This includes a system for managing security vulnerability assessment, problem resolution and policy enforcement. There is also a web-based conosle for SoC's network intrusion detection system.

  6. Facility Management: Web-based facility management of the SoC Machine Room tracks equipment deployment, locations, power and heat dissipation, environment monitoring, UPS management, etc.

  7. Ticket Tracker: This is a powerful ticket tracking system used by the Network Team to track work orders, trouble reports, help requests, etc. It is now also used by SoC Technical Services, Workshop and office administrative staff.

  8. WebCam: SoC Network Team runs a network of web-enabled security surveillance cameras. These cameras are deployed mostly in common computer laboratories, although some are installed in research laboratories upon the request of the supervisor in-charge.

  9. Documentation: The information repository includes user documentation such as user guides, tutorials and FAQs, as well as engineering and operational documentation.

Historical Background

The NOC Web first came online in Q2 2000 as a web-based replacement of the deprecated IPMS (IP Management System). IPMS was a host registration database written in Microsoft Access.

Just as a historical note, the first system that served the NOC Web was an old Pentium MMX 200MHz desktop with 64MB RAM running Red Hat Linux. From this modest beginning, the NOC Web is now served by several redundant pools of high-end Pentium III, Pentium IV and Xeon 1U rack mount servers via a pair of redundant load balancers and SSL accelerators. You can find out more about the NOC Website Setup.

Related Software Products

Trackify: This is a Groupware and Issue Tracking system, among many other things.

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